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Welcome to Educational Services

Dr. Hani Youssef
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

Kathleen Roth
Director of Elementary Education

Dr. Deborah Salgado
Director of Secondary Education

Ed Services Staff

Hani Youssef

Asst. Superintendent of Educational Services

Kathleen Roth

Director of Elementary Education

Dr. Deborah Salgado

Director of Secondary Education

Dr. Jason Messinger

Coordinator of Educational Technology

April Jacobsen

Coordinator of Categorical Programs

Dr. Terri Leon

Coordinator of Curriculum & Assessment

Dustin Ellis

TOSA of Technology

J.C. Baxter

TOSA of Mathematics

Cori Orlando

TOSA of English Language Arts

Aimee Spurbeck-Boian

TOSA of Categorical Programs

Jill Craft

TOSA of Beginning Teacher Support

Elizabeth Camacho


Laurie Schmidt

Senior Administrative Asst. to Mr. Youssef

Robbin MacLean

Secretary to Mrs. Salgado

Tania Bishop

Secretary to Mrs. Roth

Janice Carnahan

Acct. Tech. - Special Funds

Kathy Petersen

Admin. Asst. II - ELD/GATE

Kirsten Mellinger

Admin. Asst. II - Curriculum

Michelle Dearman

Admin. Asst. II - Assessments

Shannon McCabe

TUPE/Naviance Counselor


Educational Services is responsible for directing, supervising, coordinating and evaluating district level programs and personnel involved in curriculum development, instructional process and procedures, educational technology, categorically funded programs, student support services and student assessment pre-kindergarten through Adult Education.

Educational Services maintains all 18 of our elementary schools, three middle schools, three comprehensive high schools, one continuation high school, and the Simi Valley Adult Education and Career Institute, as well as our one independent study/homeschool academy. Educational Services supports the school sites pre-kindergarten through Adult Education.