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Foster & Homeless Youth



You have the right to stay in the same school after you move to a new foster care placement. Your “school of origin” can be:

  1. The school you attended when you first entered foster care,
  2. The school you most recently attended, or
  3. Any school you attended in the last 15 months that you feel connected to. 


You have the right to immediately enroll in your regular home school after you move placements.

You have a right to immediately enroll in school and begin attending classes, even if you do not have the paperwork you would normally need for enrollment (such as birth certificate, transcript, or IEP) or you did not check-out from your previous school.

Your previous school must send your education records to your new school after you enroll.

You have the right to participate in any activities available at your new school, such as sports teams, tutoring, or after-school clubs, even if you miss a tryout or sign-up deadline.



If you change schools during the school year, you have a right to partial credits in all classes that you are passing when you leave your old school, even if you do not complete the entire class.

After you change schools, your new school must accept the partial credits issued by your old school.

After you change schools, you have the right to be enrolled in the same or similar classes you were enrolled in at your last school.



You have the right to stay in high school for a fifth year to complete your school district graduation requirements, even if you are over 18.

If you are behind on your credits, and you transferred schools after 10th grade, you may be eligible to graduate under AB 167/216 by completing only the state graduation requirements (130 credits in specific classes). If you are eligible, the decision of whether to graduate under AB 167/216 is made by your education rights holder.



You have the right to have the application fee waived when you apply to a community college in California.

You have the right to receive the maximum amount of federal student aid and you may be eligible for up to $5,000 per year from the Chafee scholarship.



You have the right to access your school records if you are 16 years or older or have finished 10th grade.

Your social worker/probation officer and education rights holder can access your school records as well.


Every foster youth under age 18 must have an education rights holder (ERH) who can make decisions such as academic coursework and IEP team decisions . Foster youth who are 18 that right. Parents, legal guardians, caregivers, or another person chosen by the court, may serve as the ERH. An ERH cannot be a child's social worker, PO,  attorney, group home or school staff. It is important to know who and how to contact your ERH, social work, and foster parent/administrator.


As a foster youth, you also have other rights that are not related to school, such as the right to see a doctor or to have private storage space. For more information, please see the Foster Youth Bill of Rights.

Partnership: Children's Auxiliary Services

This year we are excited to partner with Children's Auxilliary Services. The parents of up to 160 children will receive vouchers to "shop" at a local Toy Store for holiday gifts. Qualifying families will be recommended by school sites.  


Throughout the year, CAS provides a scholarship  foster children, which funds enrichment activities ($400), Camp ($300), Clothing for each move ($150), ASB Cards, Yearbooks, Photos, School trips, and Computers. See your Secondary School Foster Liaison or School Principal.

Partnership: Assistance League of the Conejo Valley

This year we are excited to partner with the Assistance League of the Conejo Valley to participate in Operation School Bell. Approximately 150 students will be provided with a designated budget and time shop a local retail store for clothes. Upon check out, items of their choosing will be checked out and provided free of charge!

Links for Transitional Families and Youth

School on Wheels. Free tutoring for students living in shelters, motels, group foster homes, domestic violence shelters, cars, on the street, in transitional housing, and including "couch surfing".

VCOE Homeless Education Project. Information from the Ventura County Office Of Education on the McKinney-Veto Act.

City of Simi Valley. Information from the City of Simi including the Affordable Housing Project.

Food Pantries. List of local food pantries.

Simi Valley Samaritan Center. The Samaritan Center can help provide family services that best meet each family's unique needs.

Simi Valley Free Clinic. Provides free and low cost medical, counseling, legal, and dental support.

Agency 101. This document provides a list of resources countywide and is produced by the Ventura County Office of Education.

Foster Youth Services

VC Foster Kids. Includes information on foster care and resources.


iFoster. Includes information for youth, caregivers, and businesses.


Ventura County Office of Education Foster Youth Services. Information of legislation, links to local organizations, and assistance for families.