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Help Desk Operations

Ext. 4811

For technical assistance please submit a Work Order.  


Find answers to frequently asked questions in the work order system.  

If you do not find what you are looking for please call ext. 4811.

Welcome to Information Technology


Tech News 

The network project to upgrade and enhance the Simi Valley Unified School District wireless network is nearly complete.  Also, Information Technology is hard at work helping to deploy new Chromebooks to each site.

Information Technology


Philip Scrivano
IT Director
Extension 4801

Mischelle Ray
IT Secretary
Extension 4802

Scott Berns
Technical Support Specialist I
Extension 4826

Timothy (Tim) Burnette
Database Administrator
Extension 4805

Cynthia (Cindy) Henry
Student Data System Specialist
Extension 4807

James (Jim) Jarrard
Technical Support Specialist III
Extension 4819

Gaylord Joseph
Technical Support Specialist II
Extension 4821

Monte McCubbin
Systems Engineer
Extension 4815

Andrew Pokross
Technical Support Specialist II
Extension 4822

Richard (Rich) Rubino
Technical Support Specialist II
Extension 4820

Songpol (Pol) Sangwanphanit
Technical Support Specialist I
Extension 4832

Anthony (Tony) Trattenero
Network Engineer
Extension 4816

Jean Wong
Senior Applications Analyst
Extension 4806