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video.pngKhan Academy video.

exercises.pngKhan Academy exercise.

4 Indicates the other grade level(s) where a video or exercise may also be used.

B Indicates the best fit for the video/exercise within the same grade level.

Grade 5

1.8 Unsquaring Numbers

video.pngUnderstanding Square Roots

exercises.pngSquare Roots


2.2 Addition of Whole Numbers and Decimals

video.pngAdding Decimals 4,6

exercises.pngAdding Decimals 2 4,6

2.3 Subtraction of Whole Numbers and Decimals

video.pngSubtracting Decimals 4,6

exercises.pngSubtracting Decimals 4,6

2.9 The Lattice Method of Multiplication

video.pngLattice Multiplication 3,4

video.pngWhy Lattice Multiplication Works 3,4


3.3 Exploring Angle Measures

video.pngAngle Basics 3,4


4.4 Partial-Quotients Algorithm Strategies 

video.pngDivisibility Tests 5

video.pngRecognizing Divisibility 5

exercises.pngDivisibility Tests 5

5.4 Two Rules for Finding Equivalent Fractions

video.pngComparing Fractions 5

video.pngFractions in Lowest Terms 5B


5.5 Fractions and Decimals: Part 1

video.pngDecimals and Fractions

video.pngRounding Decimals 4,5B

exercises.pngRounding Numbers 4,5B

5.9 Bar and Circle Graphs

video.pngReading Pie Graphs (Circle Graphs) 6


6.2 Natural Measures of Length

video.pngU.S. Customary and Metric Units 3


7.6 Line Graphs

video.pngReading Line Graphs 3,6

exercises.pngReading Line Charts 1 3,6

8.9 Finding a Percent of a Number


exercises.pngDiscount, Tax, and Tip Problems 6

9.2 Coordinate Graphs: Part 1


exercises.pngGraphing Points 3,4

9.4 Area of Rectangles


exercises.pngArea 1 4

exercises.pngArea of Squares and Rectangles 4

9.8, 9.9 Volume

video.pngSolid Geometry Volume 6                                             


10.2 Pan-Balance Problems with Two Balances

video.pngDo Same Thing to Both Sides: 2-Step Equations 6

exercises.png2-Step Equations 6

10.3 Algebraic Expressions


exercises.pngWriting Expressions

10.4 Rules, Tables, and Graphs: Part 1

video.pngUsain Bolt’s Average Speed 6

video.pngFinding Unit Rates 4,6

exercises.pngRate Problems 1 6

10.5 American Tour: Old Faithful’s Next Eruption

video.pngConverting Fahrenheit to Celsius


10.9 Area of Circles

video.pngArea of a Circle 6

exercises.pngArea of a Circle 6

11.3 Volume of Cylinders

video.pngCylinder Volume and Surface Area 6