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video.pngKhan Academy video.

exercises.pngKhan Academy exercise.

4 Indicates the other grade level(s) where a video or exercise may also be used. 

B Indicates the best fit for the video/exercise within the same grade level. 

Grade 6

1-1 Numbers and Patterns

video.pngPatterns in Sequences 1

video.pngPatterns in Sequences 2


1-6 Writing Algebraic Expressions


exercises.pngWriting Expressions 2

1-8, 1-9 Solving Equations by Subtracting and Adding

video.pngSolving One-Step Equations 5

video.pngAdd and Subtract Same Thing from Both Sides 5



1-11 Solving Equations by Multiplying

video.pngSolving One-Step Equations 2


3-2 Greatest Common Divisor

video.pngGreatest Common Divisor 5

exercises.pngGreatest Common Divisor 5

4-2 Adding and Subtracting Fractions

video.pngAdd Fractions: Unlike Denominators 5

video.pngAdding Fractions (Ex.1) 5

exercises.pngAdding Fractions 5

exercises.pngSubtracting Fractions 5                                  

5-2 Rates

video.pngUsain Bolt’s Average Speed 5

video.pngFinding Unit Rates 4,5

exercises.pngRate Problems 1 5

exercises.pngRate Problems 2                                         

5-7 Using Similar Figures


exercises.pngSolving Similar Triangles 1

7-5 Misleading Graphs

video.pngMisleading Line Graphs


9-2 Measuring and Classifying Angles

video.pngAcute, Right, and Obtuse Angles 4,5

video.pngUsing a Protractor 4,5

video.pngMeasuring Angles 4,5

exercises.pngAngle Types 4,5

exercises.pngMeasuring Angles 4,5

9-6 Classifying Triangles


exercises.pngTriangle Types

9-9 Congruent Figures

video.pngOther Triangle Congruence Postulates 5

video.pngFinding Congruent Triangles 5

exercises.pngCongruent Triangles 1 5

exercises.pngCongruent Triangles 2                                                         

10-4 Area of Triangles and Trapezoids

video.pngTriangle Area Proofs 4,5

video.pngHeron’s Formula

exercises.pngArea of Triangles 4,5 

exercises.pngArea of Trapezoids, Rhombi, Kites   

exercises.pngHeron’s Formula                                     

10-5 Area of Circles

video.pngArea of a Circle 5

exercises.pngArea of a Circle 5                                        

10-8 Volume of Prisms

video.pngSolid Geometry Volume 5


10-9, 10-10 Volume of Cylinders, Surface Area

video.pngCylinder Volume and Surface Area 5

video.pngVolume of a Sphere

exercises.pngSolid Geometry

11-6 Solving Inequalities by Adding or Subtracting

video.pngInequalities Using Addition and Subtraction

video.pngOne-Step Inequalities