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ARCHIVE-Measure C4 Bond Locker
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Measure C4 Bond expenditure reports are updated several times a year, and include an itemized listing of expenses for each site.  The more recent  expense reports include a summary sheet at the beginning of the report, listing total program expenses for each site. Each update to the Measure C4 Bond Expense Report is posted in this section. Expenditure reports for Health and Safety and Technology projects are also posted in this section.

One of the provisions of the Measure C4 Bond includes discretionary funding for improvements selected by the schools, subject to the limitations of Proposition 39. The amount of discretionary bond funding for each school was calculated based on $100 per student, multiplied by the first month's official enrollment for the 2003-2004 school years. Discretionary bond fund expenditures updates are included in this section.

Welcome to the Measure C4 Bond

C4 Bond Citizen’s Oversight Committee Mission

To inform the public concerning the expenditure of the Measure C4 Bond revenues and to actively review and report on the proper expenditure of taxpayer’s money.

In accordance with the requirements of Proposition 39, which authorized the issuance of general obligation bonds by California public school districts, the SVUSD Board of Education established an Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee (ICOC). The primary purpose of the ICOC is to inform the public as to the expenditures of the proceeds of the bonds issued under the Measure C4 bond authorization. Items applicable to the legislative requirements, and facilities improvements proposed at the inception of the bond program can be found in the locker to the left.

Each member of the Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee (ICOC) is appointed by the Simi Valley Unified School District Board of Education. Community members interested in joining the Committee are encouraged to contact the Bond Program Manager at 805.306.4500, Extension 4461, or email

  • Clay McCarter (Chair)
  • Leroy Leyba (Vice Chair)
  • Frank Sinsheimer (Secretary)
  • Rick Norris (Parliamentarian)
  • Jenniffer Jones (Publicity Chair)

Measure C4 Contacts

Tony Joseph 
Bond Program Manager

Extension 4461

Regina Christensen

Extension 4462

Jeff Kipp
Construction Project Manager
Extension 4463

Tim Murphy
Construction Manager/
Project Coordinator

Extension 4462

Susan Stevenson

Extension 4464

Pamela Jewell
Administrative Services Asst. II

Extension 4466

Janet Mascolo
Administrative Services Asst. II

Extension 4465

Jim McGregor
Construction Manager/
Project Coordinator

Extension 4470

Malihe Shokouhi
Construction Manager/
Project Coordinator

Extension 4470

Marc Cunningham
Construction Manager/
Project Coordinator

Extension 4470

Please forward inquires regarding the Measure C4 Bond to: