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Stacey Shoff

Benefits Coordinator
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2022-2023 sisc plan documents and important links/contact numbers

Insurance Contacts

  • Anthem Blue Cross of California (800) 825-5541
  • Navitus-2022 Prescription Benefit Manager (866) 333-2757 
  • Kaiser Permanente (800) 464-4000
  • Anthem Blue Cross TelaDoc Medical Experts (800) 835-2362

 Universal Availability Mandatory Notice

As an employee of Simi Valley Unified School District, you are eligible to participate in the district’s 403(b) and 457(b) voluntary retirement plans. Per Universal Availability requirements mandated by the IRS, we are required to inform you of your eligibility to participate in these retirement plans.

Why Participate? 

While you may receive a pension from either STRS or PERS upon your retirement, your pension may not be 100% of the income you’re making now. The difference between what you’re making now and what you need during your retirement years is called the income gap. These supplemental retirement plans can help you reduce or eliminate your retirement income gap. Request more information.

How and When Can I Participate?

Unlike other employee benefits, supplemental retirement plans are open for enrollment all year long. You can start, stop or change your elective deferrals at any time throughout the year. Our Third-Party Plan Administrator, Tax-Deferred Solutions, assists us in offering our employees an effective opportunity to participate by providing you with free educational resources and information regarding the district’s benefits. Request more information.

Frequently Asked Questions – All Questions are Welcome!

  • I’m not sure how my plan works
  • What’s the difference between 403(b), 457(b),  and Roth accounts?
  • How do I start a contribution?
  • What are the 2022 contribution limits? Do I qualify for a catch-up contribution?
  • What investment providers are authorized under the district’s plan?
  • I’m already participating, can I get an audit of my current 403(b) or 457(b) contributions?
  • Can you assist me with my total financial well-being? 

Get Started! 

The best part of this opportunity to obtain information is that any questions you have can be handled over the phone when it’s convenient for you! Request more information or, schedule a time to speak with a Benefits Counselor. 

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