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Salary Schedules

Below is a listing of the Simi Valley Unified School District's Classified, Confidential & Management Salary Schedules.

The list is provided for reference and informational purposes only. The SVUSD does not guarantee that the list is the latest or most recent version, that every job classification in the District is represented hereon, or that every listed job classification is actively used by the District:

Classified Personnel Commission

The Personnel Commission supports education through the Merit System, which designed to insure efficiency, economy, fairness and impartiality in the selection, retention and promotion of classified employees.  For additional information regarding the Merit System, click on the following link: 

California School Personnel Commissioners Association

Simi Valley Personnel Commission:
Lori Rhoades, Chairperson
Sandy Handin, Vice Chairperson
Kathleen Hobiger, Member

Agendas and Minutes

Personnel Commission meetings are being conducted via Zoom (online). For members of the public who would like to watch the live meeting, use this ZOOM link to access the meeting: 

SVUSD Personnel Commission Meeting

Members of the public may participate in a Personnel Commission meeting by submitting written comments (in lieu of in-person public comment) by email to by 2 p.m. on the day of the meeting. In your email, please indicate the agenda item title in the subject line or indicate that the comment is regarding an item not on the agenda. Public comments will be read during the agenda item or during the Public Comments section for items not on the agenda. The meeting agenda and supporting materials can be found below (agendas are posted the Friday afternoon before the Wednesday meeting). 

If you would like to speak your comments directly to the Personnel Commission during the live meeting, you may do so by sending your request to speak at the meeting to by 2 p.m. on the day of the meeting. In your email, please indicate the agenda item title in the subject line or indicate that the comment is regarding an item not on the agenda. You will speak your comment during the agenda item or during the Public Comments section for items not on the agenda.

Only public comments/requests to speak that are received as described above will be read/granted.



05-12-21 Meeting Agenda  
04-14-21 Meeting Agenda  
03-17-21 Special Meeting & Agenda 03-17-21 Minutes
03-10-21 Meeting Agenda 03-10-21 Minutes
02-10-21 Meeting Agenda 02-10-21 Minutes
01-13-21 Meeting Agenda 01-13-21 Minutes
12-09-20 Meeting Agenda 12-09-20 Minutes

11-18-20 Meeting Agenda

11-18-20 Minutes
10-14-20 Public Notice & Meeting Agenda 10-14-20 Minutes
09-09-20 Meeting Agenda 09-09-20 Minutes
08-12-20 Agenda 08-12-20 Minutes
07-22-20 Special Meeting & Meeting Agenda 07-22-20 Minutes
07-08-20 Meeting Agenda 07-08-20 Minutes
06-10-20 Meeting Agenda 06-10-20 Minutes
05-13-20 Meeting Agenda 05-13-20 Minutes
04-08-20 Meeting Agenda 04-08-20 Minutes
03-11-20 Meeting Agenda 03-11-20 Minutes
02-12-20 Meeting Agenda 02-12-20 Minutes
02-04-20 Special Meeting & Meeting Agenda 02-04-20 Minutes
01-15-20 Meeting Agenda 01-15-20 Minutes
12-03-19 Meeting Agenda 12-03-19 Minutes
11-13-19 Meeting Agenda 11-13-19 Minutes
10-16-19 Special Meeting & Meeting Agenda 10-16-19 Minutes
10-02-19 Meeting Agenda 10-02-19 Minutes
09-11-19 Meeting Agenda 09-11-19 Minutes
08-14-19 Meeting Agenda 08-14-19 Minutes
07-10-19 Meeting Agenda 07-10-19 Minutes
06-19-19 Meeting Agenda 06-19-19 Minutes
06-12-19 Meeting Cancellation  

05-08-19 Meeting Agenda

05-08-19 Minutes

04-10-19 Meeting Agenda

04-10-19 Minutes

03-13-19 Meeting Agenda

03-13-19 Minutes

02-13-19 Meeting Agenda 

02-13-19 Minutes

01-16-19 Meeting Agenda

01-16-19 Minutes

12-12-18 Meeting Agenda

12-12-18 Minutes

11-14-18 Meeting Agenda

11-14-18 Minutes

10-10-18 Meeting Agenda

10-10-18 Minutes

09-12-18 Meeting Cancellation


08-08-18 Meeting Agenda

08-08-18 Minutes

07-11-18 Meeting Cancellation 


06-13-18 Meeting Cancellation


05-31-18 Special Meeting & Meeting

05-31-18 Minutes

05-09-18 Meeting Agenda

05-09-18 Minutes

04-18-18 Meeting Agenda

04-18-18 Minutes

03-14-18 Meeting Agenda

03-14-18 Minutes

02-14-18 Meeting Agenda

02-14-18 Minutes

 01-17-18 Meeting Agenda

01-17-18 Minutes

12-13-17 Meeting Agenda

12-13-17 Minutes

11-08-17 Meeting Agenda

11-08-17 Minutes

10-11-17 Meeting Agenda

10-11-17 Minutes

09-13-17 Meeting Agenda

09-13-17 Minutes

08-09-17 Meeting Agenda

08-09-17 Minutes

06-14-17 Meeting Agenda

06-14-17 Minutes

05-17-17 Special Meeting & Meeting Agenda

05-17-17 Minutes

05-10-17 Meeting Agenda

05-10-17 Minutes

04-19-17 Meeting Agenda 04-19-17 Minutes
03-08-17 Meeting Agenda 03-08-17 Minutes
02-08-17 Meeting Agenda 02-08-17 Minutes
01-18-17 Meeting Agenda 01-18-17 Minutes
12-14-16 Meeting cancellation   
11-09-16 Meeting Agenda 11-9-2016 Minutes
10-19-16 Meeting Agenda 10-19-16 Minutes
09-14-16 Meeting Agenda 09-14-16 Minutes
08-10-16 Meeting Agenda 08-10-16 Minutes
06-08-16 Meeting Agenda 06-08-16 Minutes
06-06-16 Meeting Agenda 06-06-16 Minutes
05-11-16 Meeting Agenda 05-11-16 Minutes
04-13-16 Meeting Agenda 04-13-16 Minutes
03-09-16 Meeting Agenda 03-9-16 Minutes
02-10-16 Meeting Agenda 2-10-16 Minutes
01-13-16 Meeting Agenda 01-13-16 Minutes
12-09-15 Meeting Agenda 12-09-15 Minutes
11-18-15 Meeting Agenda 11-18-15 Minutes
10-14-15 Meeting Agenda 10-14-15 Minutes
09-09-15 Meeting Agenda 09-09-15 Minutes
08-12-15 Meeting Agenda 08-12-15 Minutes
07-08-15 Meeting Cancellation



Classified Personnel Directory

Sophia Crocker
Director of Classified Personnel

Responsible for the overall department

Sallie Kleingarn
Senior Administrative Assistant, Confidential

Coordinates support activities of the department.  Works closely with Student Support Services and site administrators in managing Paraeducator, Special Education assignments

Ginan Henson
HR Rep, HR Systems and Information

PERS questions, processing reassignments, employee leaves and retirements, limited term assignments, extra duty hours and summer school assignments

Shira Yerushalmi
Human Resources Analyst

Recruitments and examinations

Elaheh "Ellie" Hossain
Human Resources Assistant II

New employee processing - permanent employees, selection interviews, employment verifications

Debbie Schott
Human Resources Assistant II

New employee processing - exempt and substitute employees, new employee orientations, Frontline (previously Sub Finder)