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Nurse Contact List

Katherine Mulryan
Garden Grove Elementary
Also serves Knolls Elementary School and Sycamore Elementary School

Wendy Calderon
Royal High School
Also serves Santa Susana Elementary School and Apollo High School

Christi Williams
Justin Early Learners Academy
Also serves Park View Elementary School and Vista Elementary School 

Angie Valencerina
Santa Susana High School
805.520.6800 Extension 3722
Also serves Berylwood Elementary, and Mountain View Elementary

Lisa Kelly
Hillside Middle School
Also serves Crestview Elementary School, Hollow Hills Elementary School and Arroyo Elementary School

Mary Carol Sorrells
Sinaloa Middle School
Also serves Atherwood Elementary School, Madera Elementary School and Wood Ranch Elementary School

Lisa Vallejo
Valley View Middle School  
Also serves Big Springs Elementary School, Monte Vista School and Township Elementary School

Lorin Paschal
Simi Valley High School
Also serves White Oak Elementary School and Katherine Elementary School


Courtsey and with permission from the Ventura County Star

The mission of the Health Services Department is to make sure that the health care needs of all of the students in the Simi Valley Unified School District are met while at school. School Nurses participate in the care of students who have health conditions like diabetes, seizure disorders and severe allergies that are potentially life threatening.  

The Health Services staff for Simi Valley Unified School district consists of 7.6 full-time school nurses and one administrative assistant. The School Nurse’s role is to coordinate with the parents and the doctors to insure that preparations are in place should a health emergency occur.  This requires the training of school staff to handle these emergencies. School staff assists nurses in the case of any health emergency. All of the nurses are available by phone and/or beeper to go to schools for emergencies and when called to answer questions from school staff. School nurses also attend to any health care needs for students requiring daily nurse care. 

School Nurses perform a variety of other vital functions. They are the main teachers for the District’s Family Life-Sex Education Program. They oversee the District’s immunization requirements and health and dental examination requirements. They assist in meeting the state requirements for mandated hearing and vision screening. School Nurses are also a part of the Special Education Assessment Team. Their responsibility on this team is for the vision and hearing testing and the health and developmental histories for all special education assessments.  

Our School Nurses are dedicated to helping keep the students of Simi Valley healthy!

School Nurse Assignments




Lisa Kelly


Mary Carol Sorrells


Angie Valencerina

Big Springs

Lisa Vallejo


Lisa Kelly

Garden Grove

Katherine Mulryan*

Hollow Hills

Lisa Kelly


Lorin Paschal


Katherine Mulryan


Mary Carol Sorrells

Mountain View

Angie Valencerina

Park View

Christi Williams

Santa Susana Elementary

Wendy Calderon


Katherine Mulryan


Lisa Vallejo


Christi Williams

White Oak

Lorin Paschal

Wood Ranch

Mary Carol Sorrells

Hillside Middle School

Lisa Kelly*

Sinaloa Middle School

Mary Carol Sorrells*

Valley View Middle School

Lisa Vallejo*

Royal High School

Wendy Calderon*

Santa Susana High School

Angie Valencerina*

Simi Valley High School

Lorin Paschal*

Monte Vista

Lisa Vallejo


Wendy Calderon

Justin Early Learners Academy

Christi Williams*

Phoenix/Triton/NPS/Private School

The primary nurse is located at the child's home school.


* Primary School Site


Teen Crisis & Free HealthCare Resources

The Simi Valley Youth Council coordinates printing youth crisis telephone numbers on the back of associated student body identification cards through a partnership with the Simi Valley Unified School District. The following resources are included.

  • 9-1-1 (All Emergency Issues; e.g. overdose, alcohol poisoning): Call 9-1-1 (24 hours)
  • CIRT (Crisis Intervention Resource Team) Teen Crisis Hotline (All Issues): 866.431.2478 (24 hours)
  • California Youth Crisis Line (All Issues): 800.843.5200 (24 hours) or
  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800.273.8255 (24 hours) or
  • RUNAWAY Hotline: 800.786.2929 (24 hours) or
  • 2-1-1 Resource Referral Helpline (All Issues): 2-1-1 or 800.339.9597 (24 hours) 
  • Action Family Counseling (Drug/Alcohol): 800.367.8336 (24 hours) or
  • Simi Valley Free Clinic (Medical/Legal/Counseling/Dental): 805.522.3733 (Nights by appointment)
  • Sierra Vista Urgent Care (Medical walk-ins): 1227 E. Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley, CA, 805.582.4050 (Days) 

Heroin Prevention Resources

For a listing of heroin prevention resources, and to visit the Simi Valley Task Force on Heroin Prevention page, please go HERE.

Cold and Flu Prevention

Information on cold and flu prevention: HERE

Coronavirus Advisory

For updated information about Coronavirus: HERE


Need Healthcare?

California Department Of Education Healthcare Resources: HERE

Covered California for staff and families: HERE.


In Simi Valley Schools we recognize the growing impact of depression and possible suicide. We are taking proactive measures to open the conversation and community support by providing Crisis Reference Cards to students and employees, working with the Simi Valley Police Department for annual teen talks and creating a community of support within our schools. If you or someone you know is in crisis, reach out. All numbers are available 24 hours per day.

For Emergency: 9-1-1

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 800.273.8255

Suicide Crisis Line 877.727.4747

Ventura County Crisis Line 866.998.2243

Runaway Hotline 800.786.2929

Action Family Counseling 800.367.8336

Interface For Any Referral in Ventura County 2-1-1

LGBTQ Trevor Lifeline 866.488.7386 

Simi Valley Police 805.583.6950    (non-emergency)

Simi Valley Suicide Prevention

Ventura County Behavioral Health

a women undergoing a vision exam