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Welcome to Maintenance & Operations



Glen Newell
Maintenance Manager
805.306.4500 Ext. 4431
Oversees Maintenance & Operations personnel and staffing

Michael Handberg
Grounds Supervisor
805.306.4500 Ext. 4435
Oversees Maintenance & Operations grounds personnel and staffing

Tom Edwards
Custodian Services Supervisor
805.306.4500 Ext. 4434
Oversees custodian personnel and staffing

Kim Sutherland
Administrative Services Asst. II
805.306.4500 Ext. 4432
Assistant to Glen Newell, Michael Handberg & Tom Edwards
Custodian/Grounds/Maintenance substitutes (AESOP Administrator)
Shirt Orders
Carpet/Gardening/MMT Calendars
Maintenance & Grounds personnel paperwork and time keeper

Dan Behrens
Work Control Specialist
805.306.4500 Ext. 4436
Coordinates Maintenance & Grounds work orders
Emergency radio communications & monthly radio checks

Alejandro Nieto
Account Clerk I
805.306.4500 Ext. 4437
Prepares maintenance, grounds and custodial floor care requisitions, invoices and account statements for approval and payment
Budget issues, updates, realignment
Utility bills (trash, electric, gas, water, sewer, solar)
Extra trash/linen pickups and problems

Josh Chambers
Custodian II
805.306.4500 Ext. 4998
Custodian for the District Office buildings