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Santa Susana is organized into three academies: Academics, Technical Arts, and the Visual & Performing Arts.

Academy  Academic programs include: Humanities; Mathematics; Science; Scientific Modeling & Inquiry; STEM: Robotics & Engineering; Pre-MedLaw & Society; and World Culture.

Career pathways programs include:
Commercial Illustration
Digital Broadcasting
Digital Graphics & Publication
Instrumental Music
Musical Theater
Production & Managerial Arts
TV & Art of Film
Vocal Music

Santa Susana High School is a magnet program preparing students for university and career. This Gold Ribbon School has served as an Arts, Media, & Entertainment Demonstration Site for the state of California for the past five years. Students also receive academic support, mentoring, and complete a senior project for certificate recognition. Apply today HERE.

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What are Pathways Programs?

Pathways are educational programs that are focused in Career-Technical Education. These programs are available in our high schools and often have "feeder" programs at the middle and elementary school levels. Students work with their school counselors to determine their areas of interest and what Pathway might best serve their talents and goals. Pathways are free and classes are incorporated into each student's curriculum and graduation requirements. 

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What Pathways are offered?
A host of career education pathways are offered in connected learning programs from elementary through high school. Check out the high school links on this page to learn about the breadth of pathways at each school.

How does my child benefit by taking a Pathway course?
Freshmen being career programs beginning with Career &College Seminar either in the Summer prior to their freshmen year or during freshmen year. College credit is given for this course as students develop a 10 year plan from high school through college. By senior year, students will experience a variety of work-based learning experiences in this focused sequence of classes. Depending on the program they earn college credit, serve in internships, and earn industry certificaton.

What is the scope and sequence of a Pathway?
Pathways consist of a minimum of two sequenced classes within a particular field.

What are the proven outcomes for Pathway completers?

  • College credit for courses completed in high school
  • Strong core of academics from which to move into a variety of career areas
  • Greater school connectedness
  • Industry expertise
  • Visits to worksites and internships
  • Easier transitions from high school to college


Simi Valley High School Pathways

Pathways include:
Automotive Repair
Cabinetry Millwork, & Woodworking
Game Design
Entrepreneurship & Marketing
Medical Health Careers
Performing Arts: Choreography
Software & Systems Development
Digital Media: Video

Simi Valley High School is committed to excellence by providing rigorous academics as the base for outstanding career, artistic and athletic programs. In addition to Advance Placement courses, the Dual Enrollment Academy ensures students complete one year of college on or before high school graduation. Student performers engage in a dynamic Performing Arts Pathway which includes choreography, musical theater, and vocal and instrumental music. Athletics are top notch including a recent Sugar Bowl win by Alumni Coach Tom Herman.


Royal High School Pathways

Pathways include: 
Child Development
Community Service & Law
Food Service & Hospitality
JROTC & Homeland Security
Law Enforcement
Software & Systems Development
Digital, Visual & Media Arts
Sports Medicine

Welcome to The Royal Family. Royal's core academic program offers 41 Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses in a comprehensive school program which models civics education in partnership with the Reagan Library. Highlanders participate in 26 varsity sports, winning over 23 CIF titles. Campus life connects students through 50 student club and an active associated student body. 2019 graduates are accepted to top-colleges such as Duke and John Hopkins!