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Welcome to Educational Services

Dr. Hani Youssef
Dr. Hani Youssef
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

Mrs. Julie Ellis
Mrs. Julie Ellis
Director of Elementary Education

Dr. Deborah Salgado

Dr. Deborah Salgado
Director of Secondary Education

Educational Services is responsible for directing, supervising, coordinating and evaluating district level programs and personnel involved in curriculum development, instructional process and procedures, educational technology, categorically funded programs, student support services and student assessment pre-kindergarten through Adult Education.

Educational Services maintains all 18 of our elementary schools, three middle schools, three comprehensive high schools, one continuation high school, Justin Early Learners Academy (preschool) and the Simi Institute for Careers & Education, as well as our independent study/homeschool academy. Educational Services supports the school sites pre-kindergarten through Adult Education.


Dr. Hani Youssef
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services
Extension 4201

Julie Ellis
Director of Elementary Education
Extension 4203

Dr. Deborah Salgado
Director of Secondary Education

Extension 4202

Jerry Block

Assistant Director of Student Support Services
Extension 4204

Dr. Jason Messinger
Coordinator of Educational Technology

Extension 4210

Aimee Spurbeck-Boian
Coordinator of Categorical Programs
Extension 4209

Jamie Snodgrass
Coordinator of Curriculum & Assessment

Extension 4208

Jake Finch
Coordinator of Public Relations & Resource Development
Extension 4006

Dan Shuster
TOSA of Technology
Extension 4218

Shauna Messinger
TOSA of Mathematics

Extension 4217

Tracie Bowden
TOSA of English/Language Arts
Extension 4221

John McCarter

TOSA of Science

Extension 4215

Layton Spracklen
TOSA of Categorical Programs
Extension 4220

Jill Craft
TOSA of Beginning Teacher Support
Extension 4290

Shannon McCabe
TUPE/Naviance Counselor

Extension 4318

Elizabeth Camacho
Spanish Translator/Interpreter

Extension 4219

Tania Bishop
Senior Administrative Asst. to Dr. Youssef
Extension 4205

Deanna Mullins
Secretary to Mrs. Ellis
Extension 4207

Robbin MacLean
Secretary to Dr. Salgado
Extension 4206

Johanna Burlingham
Account Tech-Special Funds
Extension 4216

Michelle Dearman
Administrative Asst. II-Assessments/SAC/GATE

Extension 4211

Shanna Foster
Administrative Asst. II-Interdistrict Permits/SARB
Extension 4324

Suzanne Katz
Administrative Asst. II-ELD/ELPAC

Extension 4213

Kirsten Mellinger
Administrative Asst. II-Curriculum

Extension 4212

Janice Osborne
Administrative Asst. II-PD/CTE
Extension 4214